Over the past two weeks, I worked hard on polishing the game for presentation. I did not work as hard on the paper and had to cram in work at the end.The paper is now basically done, though I am waiting for the second person to review my paper (view the body of the paper here).

Writing progress

I didn’t focus on editing dialogue this week, but I did work on character design.


I filled out expanded character descriptions for Efe and Gaiya. This is an ongoing process that will continue after the product is launched.

Development progress

I added more polish and game audio. The game now includes transitions between narrative dialogue.


Next, I’ll continue to polish the game.

Accountability partner

Lauren submitted her feedback. She is cramming too. Let’s all cram! Huzzah!

End of Semester Deliverables

I made a Dropbox folder for the required deliverables. It will soon be full of stuff.

This whole end of semester time period makes me feel like crying and quitting. I’m going to keep at it, but I feel like I’m going to fail. Let’s see what happens.