This week, I worked on polishing the game, testing, filling out character descriptions, and editing dialogue.

Writing progress

I modified the dialogue more based on user feedback. The feedback has been very positive so far. Over the next week, I will finish up the dialogue and focus on editing.


I began filling out the expanded character descriptions with paragraphs instead of lists. So far, so good. Much more to go, though.

Development progress

The game was coming along so well that I decided to add in some polish. When a player selects a message choice, the game now waits 500 to 2000ms before showing the reply. This makes the game feel more immersive.


Next, I’ll add in other kinds of polish including more audio, music, and motion tweens.

Accountability partner

Lauren tested my game and screenshotted her feedback. I’m excited to read her thoughts!

Thesis paper

I created the second draft of the compiled thesis paper. It needs a lot of work. That’s all I can really say about it…

Next week, I’m working on more writing and finalizing more of my thesis paper. I’ll be on vacation from work so I can devote more time to churning out awesomeness. AHHHH.