This week, I did more testing, research, and writing for the game.

Writing progress

I shared my game with a fellow designer and she gave me great feedback. Based on her response, I moved the chat tutorial closer to the beginning of the game. I also reorganized the introduction to be more engaging.

The introduction is now split into 5 scenes:

  • Arrival at school
  • Chatbot tutorial
  • Meeting Efe and going to orientation
  • Test chat with Efe
  • Floor meeting and party

The reception so far has been very positive. I’m excited to finalize this part of the game.

I’ve also finished two of the three conversations with NPCs: Gaiya and Jade. Next is Louis, then I’ll wrap around and edit all three conversations. More testing will follow.


I moved the character description document to Google Drive. Like my independent study professor says, I have a thing for lists. I hope that working via bookmarks in Google Drive will make me feel more comfortable with the idea of using paragraphs and sentences. Over time, the goal is for the characters to feel more like people and less like code.

Accountability partner

Lauren ran her event! Hooray! Meanwhile, I shared my thesis paper with her and my thesis advisor.

Thesis paper

I created the first draft of the vita, dedication, and acknowledgement sections (PDF) of my thesis this week.

Next week, I’m planning to work on more writing, polish the game, and finalize the parts of my thesis paper that need more fleshing-out.