I moved this weekend, which meant I didn’t have a lot of time for thesis work. Nonetheless, I got some things done!

Writing progress

I wrote the first draft of the first conversation. The conversation centers around Gaiya’s insecurity about sex before marriage.

If you review older posts, you might realize that I switched the conversation from Jade to Gaiya. Unfortunately, I wasn’t finding Jade’s conversation about looking for partners very compelling or realistic. Gaiya’s was much easier to write. I will come back to Jade’s conversation later (or completely scrap it if necessary).


I wrote more about Gaiya this week. You can look at the Evernote document to read my progress so far.

Narrative interaction design

Here is a diagram showing the interaction design for transitioning from narrative story to choices:

View a larger version to see the more in-depth details.

Accountability partner

I advised Lauren about her project this week. Hooray for Hack the Flow!

It’s a short update this week, sorry! Until next time.