This week was fairly slow, although I worked on character designs and continued writing dialogue.

Writing progress

Based on the feedback people gave me last week, I managed to cut down on the intro dialogue by over 50%. I also added in a quick tutorial system. I’m continuing to test the game with more people – so far, people seem to like the changes I’ve made.


I wrote more information about the game’s characters. This week, I focused on Jade. Next, I’m focusing on Gaiya. See the Evernote document to read my progress so far.

Story progression

I mapped out the story progression from a user flow standpoint:

View a larger version to see the more in-depth details.

Accountability partner

Lauren helped me troubleshoot my game, which now works on her phone! She also gave me helpful feedback about the amount of intro dialogue in the game.

Thesis paper

I modified my thesis abstract (PDF) and conclusion (PDF) this week. Again, I was largely focused on writing dialogue and building the game.

Next, I’ll continue building out the first conversation. Woohoo!