I continued editing dialogue and code, made a floorplan diagram, and wrote more character information.

Writing progress

I playtested the game with 5 people this week. Based on their feedback, I decided to cut the game’s introduction narrative from about 40 screens on average to about 10. Next, I need to design the tutorial area.


I also continued to flesh out more information about characters in the game. Check out the Evernote document to see my progress so far.

Living arrangements

I mapped out a floorplan diagram for students on the player’s floor:

View a larger version to see the actual rooms. The player will live in room 301.

RA research

My UX research partner shared her RA orientation book with me. You can view photos of it on Google Drive. I plan to review these documents and glean inspiration for the narrative.

Thesis advisor meeting

I met with my thesis advisor this week as well. During the meeting, I showed him the latest prototype. He was very excited about the current state of the game.

My advisor suggested I play several games:

  • The beginner’s guide
  • Prom week
  • Sc2vn

These games contain inspiration that can be helpful for my game, as well as examples of what not to do. Additionally, he reminded me to think about game feel and polish. I can’t wait to get to that point!

Accountability partner

Lauren is continuing to help me troubleshoot and test my game. She is planning on sending out a poll for her designathon soon.

Thesis paper

I wrote my thesis abstract (PDF) and conclusion (PDF) this week. I was largely focused on writing dialogue and building the game.

Next week, I plan to continue modifying my paper and build out the game’s complete tutorial area. Woohoo!