I came up with an initial description of my project in addition to 10 questions I would like to answer through/about my project.

  • How can sex and religion be discussed without making people feel defensive?
  • How do people who were brought up in religious families feel about their upbringing?
  • How have others found their sexuality after being brought up in a religious setting?
  • Who should this project be targeted at?
  • Will men be able to use this project?
  • How can this project be differentiated from existing projects about sexuality?
  • Does religion always negatively impact people’s views of sex?
  • Why is sex fun for some people, and how can it become fun for others?
  • Is there a way to be spiritual and sexual?
  • What are ways people can discover their sexuality without feeling awkward?

Description of idea

I am interested in this idea because the clash between sex and religion makes me curious. As a person who grew up quite religious and afraid of my sexuality, I have always wanted to express my feelings about the subject. I hope my project will help others who have had the same experience and possibly encourage parents to provide their children with a more positive sex education. My idea might be best as a game on a website that could eventually be used in schools. It might be best as an educational game or an interactive choose-your-own-adventure project.