In the first assignment, we were instructed to find 15 projects that inspire us. I found projects from the art world, TV, the web, and video games.

The projects that inspire me:

  • Tumblr (website, app)
  • Dots (game)
  • That Dragon, Cancer (game)
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer + DDR Mat (game)
  • Monument Valley (game)
  • SpellTower (game)
  • Parable of the Polygons (website, game)
  • Sailor Moon Crystal (anime)
  • STEAMrole (website)
  • Porco Rosso (anime)
  • Lumino City (game)
  • Slack (website, app)
  • Fitbit (website, app)
  • Takashi Murakami (show)
  • MAGFest (event)



#Mixing all the cards up!

Grouping the cards:

Final ideas, in ranked order:

  • Exploration of sexual identity through puzzles. Innocent, yet sexual. Could cover religion and slut-shaming as well. Abstract, creepy-cute design. Would use a touchscreen.
  • Celebrating my ridiculous family through an interactive game. Exploring photography and learning about how my family got so big and why we’re so messed-up. Honest and personal.
  • Revival through communication. Heal a dead planet/area by talking to regrow life. Ideally would be a game several people play together. Concentrates heavily on words – are there good ones and bad ones?
  • Learn about a family by exploring their life through photos. What happened to them is a mystery that the player/reader must uncover.
  • Magical fantasy game set in a bright, colorful location. Being brave and finding success while fighting harassment. Changing perspective allows the player to win.
  • Fight an earthling invasion – aliens trying to save their own planet from human. Brains vs. brawn with a down-to-earth setting. Comic book aesthetic – involves a lot of dialogue. The goal: to convince humans that you are sentient beings who deserve to keep your home.